Kickoff Call

Video 1 opens tomorrow.
Align all emails to go out just before noon eastern.
*It is important for people to see all the videos.
3 strategies
1. Get people excited about something they already want
2. Position it in a way so that when people watch this stuff – “I can do that”
3. Social proof
12:00 PM Easter Time
-> Mailings <-
Depending on your open rate.
Send out a first batch of emails and look at how many people opened it.
2 or 3 hours later, segment list to re-mail unopens
It’s important to get people to get to the videos.
This launch has a closing date on it.
We have a 14 day windows to capitalize on this launch.
Compress earnings from a year to a week timeline.
This pre-launch week is critically important to position ourselves.
Check the resources page for swipes.
April 3rd, we’ll be mailing for a live hangout. <– 4 hours hangout
*Shoot a video to list – be more creative – more strategic.
How can you communicate to them that is going to position you a little bit above the rest.
“Look into the lens like you are looking into people’s eyes”
“Sales is nothing but a transference of feelings”
*If he did not feel that connection with the camera, he didn’t use it. He re-shot the whole video once because he wasn’t feeling it. <– This is Vick’s best work yet
Whatever’s going on in your mind – your people are going to feel.
1. What to promote
2. Get Traffic
3. What to do with traffic when it comes
Vick has owned all the traffic products…
He has stripped down all the fat and fluff – what is not working right now
We don’t want it to take a year for people to get good at traffic generation.
—-> BONUSES <—-
*for your own lists
If you have a bigger list…
If you have something that you can offer as an additional resource
*If you get Internet traffic formula by this date, I will give you a bonus…
When he shoots an video or sends an email, he is a THOUSAND percent in it!
—> Dave Wood on List segmentation <—–
You can give them further information about ITF.
Is this a last touch affiliate cookie, or a first touch…
It depends on who the member is coded to.
For people who are not members, it is going to be last touch affiliate cookie.
*Prep your team to act quickly because there will be some bonuses
**Vick and Dave has always used an offer of some kind of additional value that people can buy from us. Example…
Ex. Hey, I’m going to take this product, and from what I learn in this product, I’m going to take this information and apply it and work through it with my team.
#The Importance of Buying Yourself#
Dave has never ever sold a product that he has not bought himself. Dave did actually buy all the products.
*This boils down to why Dave is doing what he is doing
When he rights an email or post, he can not come from a position of authority when he is not also committed.
-Dave will not sell something to his list that he hasn’t bought.
-He wants to make sure he doesn’t steer his list who doesn’t have a whole lot of money.
-Don’t expect others to do things that I’m not willing to do.
Rush in there and buy the product as fast as you can…
Get your audience warmed up as to what is in the product.
Send our whole list there.
The pre-launch videos are worth more than $10,000 dollars to watch…
*This is the most requested skill set in our entire space, bar none*
–> Vick on creating buzz <–
Shoot some YouTube videos.
Keywords -> Internet Traffic Formula Launch (play with variations)